Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lessons learned

I learned something new in EQ yesterday. I learned how to take a photograph and import it into EQ and set it in a quilt as a block. This way I can audition the border.
The body of the quilt here is the photo and the border is EQ. I see the photo is rather dull and out of square but I can see what I wanted to see. Now as soon as I go out and get some more black fabric I can finish this up. I can't find the 2 or 3 yards of black that  I thought was in my stash. There is no way I would miss it if it was here so I must have used it up.

That brings me to the other things I learned this month.

1 - I work better when I am not working in a mess. I knew this but it was filed in the back of my mind. It has come to the forefront.

2 - It is time to clear out and clean up. I spend way to much time organizing and reorganizing stuff I am never going to use again.

3 - My sewing room is the only way it can be UNLESS I GET RID OF SOME STUFF.

4 - If I have made a quilt with fabrics I like, I still like the quilt 15 -20 years later. If fabric sits on my shelf unused, after a few years I don't like it so much anymore.

5- I don't always have to know everything I need to know in order to get started. (sometimes I do). I still don't know everything I need to know about blogging but I am learning as I go along.

6 - When I can't seem to get interested in starting anything or even finishing anything I need someone to give me a jump start. I am not good at motivating myself.

It looks like the first 4 things on my list have to do with letting go of some stuff. The first thing to go will be the trays of 2 inch colorwash squares and 1 1/4 inch squares. I know I never again going to arrange 2 inch squares on my design wall and sew them together. I like all  of the quilts I made but I know I won't do it again. Maybe the next to go will be the squares and rectangles, lots of old duller tones in those boxes that don't appeal to me anymore. A big part of my enjoyment as I sew is seeing the interplay of color and pattern and some of what I have just isn't that enjoyable anymore.

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Anonymous said...

You keep us on our toes, don't you? I used my 2 inch squares as sew offs and made pillows for Christmas gifts one year. 100 of the litte buggers made a nice size. I did it as randomly as possible, just grabbing them from a bag.
Keep up the good work. k