Friday, February 19, 2010

Old colorwash UFO

Last month when the weather was terrible for several days I slipped into the cleaning mode and cleaned out closets and drawers and boxes etc. I found some things that were almost done and finished them. I found some sturdy fabric that was not quilting fabric  and I made reusable shopping bags (now if I would only remember to get them back to the car where I might remember to take them into the store). I also came across 2 pieces of flannel with colorwash 2 inch squares all laid out and partly sewed. They were covered with tissue paper and rolled up so the squares stayed in place. Of course, I stopped cleaning and sat down and finished sewing them together. I have found a different 1/4 inch since I started sewing these together some years ago and  by the time I got around to sewing the rows together I could see that something wasn't going together well but I continued anyway. I stopped when I got the first one sewn in one piece and resumed cleaning. Yesterday I came across it again and I got out my large  square ruler squared it up, put borders on it and layered it up. The nice thing about colorwash patches is that they moosh together and it is not so noticable if some of the patches get trimmed so they are not square anymore. Well anyway, that is what I tell myself.

This is the result of my effort, it is 18 x 21 inches. I put 2 small 9 patches in the border to transition from the dark fabric to the light I think I will leave them in even though they don't look as red hot as I thought they would.


Anonymous said...

wowie zowie Ruth. You go through your old stuff and fine the pieces for a grand quilt. I found a package of chili mix that had torn open. Even I don't know how that got in with the fabric.

Anonymous said...

I saw the picture of your blended Melody on you guild site. It looks good. k

Princess of The Golden Thread said...

Hi Ruth, I'm new to your blog, having found you through looking at QAWM. I identify with your numbered findings about your fabric and quilt room - am in the middle of this process too. It feels wonderful to let things go when they become things that own you rather than vice versa. It's also changed the way I look at things I see, and I don't have to buy them anymore. There are a couple of fabrics so beautifully designed I'm just going to keep a piece and maybe frame it or keep a journal of them, but I don't necessarily want to sew with them anymore. They're better off with someone who will love and use them.

Your colourwash quilt is lovely Ruth. I see what you mean about the 9 patches. Maybe you just need the first row - print plain print and that will be enough to graduate the 2 sections. It's lovely anyway.

Lucy in Australia