Monday, March 29, 2010

Playtime quilts

I have been working on my challenge quilt for our basement play group and I got fired up about it and finished it. However I can't post a picture of it yet because I have to wait until we reveal them all.

Our group doesn't have a regular meeting date and we are loosly organized but we have good times when we get together. We learn from each other and exchange ideas and we inspire one another. I think I mentioned before we have wonderful lunches.

The book that started us off was this one. This is a fun book just to look at but the exercises are great to get you started to make your own improvisational quilt. All of the quilts are named for childrens games and the names of the quilts don't always refer to the finsihed quilts so much as to the idea behind the composition. Not everyone did every exercise; there are some that I want to go back and do because I missed them.
This is Hopscotch, my first quilt from the book; it is about 40 x 40. It has elements also, the checkerboard and piano keys.
This is Tic Tac Toe Whose Move? about 42 x 42
This one is Musical Chairs about 32 x 42. Maybe you can guess one of the elements from another game. Because of some of the fabric it took on an African look so I drew the mask and added the beaded trim and the Icthus.

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