Sunday, June 13, 2010


Yesterday our quit group met at church to go over fabric choices with the teens who are going to be at Quilt Camp. they are choosing their own fabric and we wanted to give them some guidelines. After they left we each did our own thing.
I finished the hand stitching on the back of the last border on this quilt. I made this for a  class to demo the quilting in sections technique I use. It was quilted in 5 sections for the body of the quilt and 2 border sections. I took the photo at the church so I could lay it on the floor without moving a lot of furniture. All I have to do now is sew on the binding and I will be done. when I was working on this I had all my braid strips randomly sorted into  stacks of 5 color families and the whole quilt and then some fit in a shoe box. I am usually not that neat so i was really impressed with myself for getting so organized.

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American Quilter's Society said...

Such a great job! I look forward to see the finished project! Happy Quilting...