Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Red, White and Blue

I have a few more red, white and blue quilts; some of them I am using and some I am going to give to family.

The quilt on the left is not mine; it was made by another quilt guild member from a Country Threads pattern.

The quilt below is my quilt that I made after I acquired the unused house blocks from Kathy at our quilt guild flea market. I added the flag and the plaid borders and sashing. I call it "Urban Renewal". I hand quilted outline star blocks at the top of each house instead of the applique stars that Kathy has on her block. It was fun to make something from left over blocks that someone else made.   It is 29 x 52 and hangs right inside our front door for the summer.

I made the quilt below at least 17 years ago. It is 32 x 32 and it has been replaced by the Urban Renewal quilt. The writing  on the strip above the flag is The Pledge of Allegience. I am not sure why I had left over Debbie Mumm fabric; I don't remember what I made with the fabric but I wanted to use up left over motifs and strips from the Debbie Mumm fabric. I took the ideas for the blocks and the layout from somewhere but I am not sure anymore where; it was probably from more than one place.

The last quilt was for a flag challenge from my quilt guild. It is 32 x 24.
 Do you see a house and flag theme developing here? The writing on the light stripes is from The Constitution of the United States. The Courthouse Steps blocks are 5 inches square and the logs finished 1/2 inch wide. Someone gave a trunk show at our guild and one quilt was made with small log cabin blocks that were not paper pieced. At the time I did not paper piece and I still would never paper piece anything I could do any other way. Her quilt had a lot of small blocks, really a lot. When I was playing with ideas for the challenge I thought about the small Courthouse Steps blocks and told myself " Hmmm...... if she can do that, maybe I can too." And I did!  My thanks to Ruth for the inspiration. Of course I only made 4 and that was just right for me. A lot of them would have sent me over the edge.
These last 2 quilts I am going to give to anyone in my family who wants them; I know someone will. 

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