Friday, July 16, 2010

A family birthday and getting ready to move.

These are from last Sunday. It is really hard to get 5 young kids together to take their picture. One of my GGK's had a birthday and this was his birthday present from his dad. The other three around the drum set are my GGK's; the boy behind the post is a friend. The photo below is the Birthday Boy and his cousin my other GGK.
It was a fun day. There were water guns and bubble guns and hundreds of water balloons and and electric cars and tractors for the kids to drive and just fun being together.

No quilt pics for a while; we are getting ready to move. We are only moving down the hall a few yards to a different apartment that is the same as our present apartment but the opposite layout. In case you think that is strange I will tell you there is reason to my madness.
We face due west and get full (hot) sun in the afternoon; the other apartment also faces due west but there is a large maple tree in front of it which shades the LR and DR. That is reason enough for me but it will also save us from having to move furniture around to get the carpeting replaced and then move it back again. Much easier to move it over a few yards down the hall once. I think this is the reason that sold my husband on the idea which he didn't think was so red hot to begin with. There are some other advantages as well.
Anyway my sewing machines are put away and all of the shelves around my sewing room are down and the rulers are all off the wall and the walls have been patched. Most of the shelves will not be going back up. I like the clean look without the shelves. A big plus for all of this is that I am cleaning closets and drawers and book cases and we are getting rid of stuff we haven't used or thought about in years. Because I don't always put things back where they belong, I find it necessary to clean closets frequently but it is usually just moving stuff back where it belonged. This is a step beyond that. I will tackle my sewing room closet next and I hope this time I will be able to let go of a lot of stuff I have saved "just in case I might want to do something with it".  All family members who are helping us move are also going home with at least one quilt (whether they like it or not)!

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