Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Diva

I had a hard time getting started on this challenge last year when we got our panels and the rules. The rules didn't bother me as there is not one quilt police person among us, we consider rules guidelines to jump start the creative process. My CP would not start or rather became overloaded with more ideas than I wanted to use. I really wanted to make a small piece and there were so many Divas in the panel I could not decide which 3 to use and the really cute frames around all  the the images got me hung up on the color yellow, which I love but didn't want to use. In the end it was the house idea inspired by Freddy Moran's houses in Collaborative Quilts that helped me get started. Choosing one image to represent me I could add the things I like around the house.

I chose this image to represent me because  she looks friendly and she is not as sophisticated as the other white haired ladies. Her figure is kind of soft and lumpy, not exactly "toned", and I often stand like her with my hands on my hips. My favorite food is fresh, ripe, home grown, tomatoes.  My favorite color is red but I think every other color is in second place there isn't one I don't like ( well maybe tan).  If I had a yard I would have a garden full of flowers.  Sunshine makes me feel energized, though I have never been a sunbather, I love sunny days and love to look at the sun filtering through the trees especially when there is a light breeze ( too bad I didn't think to put a tree on my quilt). I colored the background around my Diva a sunny yellow with a crayon as she would not have white walls in her house if she had a choice.
When I was finishing up the embellishments on the quilt I told my husband I needed to go shopping for a belly button ring. There was a pause and he said "You know.............. maybe you ought to think about it a while before you go ahead and do something like that".  How could I not love a man who thinks that I might actually do that?

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you are my primary quilt goddess.