Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gave away 20 quilts

I have had quilts in my cedar chest and quilts in my linen closet and 3 cardboard carpet rolls with quilts rolled up around them taking up room in my sewing room closet for way too long. I didn't want to put them back after our move. After I put everything away where it belonged and felt satisfied with the way things fit, I really didn't want to put those rolls back in front of all my shelves. That is where they have been living and I decided it was time for them to go somewhere where they would be used. My daughter and daughter in law came over this afternoon and they each took about 10 quilts. I told them to take them to use and not to put away in a closet unless they are seasonal. I let them work it out between them, who took what. Most of the quilts wee wall hangings but there were 2 bed size quilts.
These are two that my daughter in law took

This one is "Night Flight". It is about 40 inches square, a 9 patch color wash background, the flying geese and mountain scene is a appliqued circle of printed fabric. I appliqued the circle by hand.  At the time it seemed the easiest way.
The second quilt is "Moonlight Swim". It is about 24"x 40" and it is also a 9 patch color wash background with a hand appliqued circle of printed fabric . I guess I uploaded the photo that wasn't cropped but it wasn't easy finding  the pics that I wanted. These are 2 of my favorite quilts but I never hung them at home because they seemed out of place. I hung on to them for a long time but finally decided to let them go.

Ruth (yes my DIL is named Ruth and both our husbands are named John) also took the quilt below.

It is "Urban Renewal" named because the house blocks were made by a fellow guild member several years back and I acquired them at our guild flea market. I added the flag and put the blocks together and quilted it. The quilting was done by machine but I hand quilted quilt block stars at the tip of each roof with embroidery thread and "big stitch." I had this hanging with my patriotic quilts in the other apartment and though this apartment is the same space I decided not to hang anything in the space next to my door because in this apartment the carpeting doesn't go all the way to the door. It would have overlapped past the entry space and the look was unbalanced. Because it was long I had no other place to hang it.
Tomorrow if I can find the rest of my quilt pics I will post some that my daughter took.

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