Saturday, August 21, 2010

Here are a few more of the quilts that I gave away this week.

This first quilt is another 9 patch color wash. It in no way resembles the quilt I had in mind when I started. I was going to make it green and pink/ red but the quilt had other ideas and when that happens I go with the flow.. I cut the compound leaves from a printed fabric and fused them and machine appliqued them and the branch with a narrow satin stitch. It used to hang in my bedroom above the headboard but now I want something different. These are my daughters colors so I am sure she will use it somewhere.

The quilt below is one I gave Marty a few years ago. I had a bunch of 9 patch color wash blocks left from making the quilt at the top of my blog. I had made it too big for the space between the top of the sofa and the ceiling and I had to take off some rows and I used them to make this quilt which is about 24 inches square. The blossoms are cut from and oriental looking print fabric and machine appliqued. I hand appliqued the circle because I  thought it would be an easier way to get it perfectly round. Maybe it is not perfectly round but it turned out pretty good.

The next quilt was from a black and white class I took at the Farmpark in Kirtland, Ohio with Lynn Keough. It sat around for a long time unfinished until I went into a finishing frenzy and finished up a bunch of things that had been around awhile.  I had a few black and white quilts that never saw the light of day after they were finished, they just didn't play well with anything else. I made them because I had an idea but they didn't fit in my home or any of my kid's either. I decided that maybe this one needed something so I added the flowers.

The last quilt "Summertime in the Land of Oz." It was from a class with  Loraine Torrence at the Farmpark the same year as the black and white class. I don't do very well in classes. At some point my mind wanders away from the technique instructions and I start thinking about the composition and I have to say that everyone else seemed to be doing what they were doing an easier way than I was. Nevertheless it was a good class and I did learn some really useful techniques even though I learned some of them by doing it my way.

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Anonymous said...

wow...your kids are lucky..Not just because of the quilts either. Kathy