Friday, August 27, 2010

Liberated stars coming along

I have been working on my liberated stars and log cabin blocks the last few days. I can't say my pile of scraps looks any smaller but then I have only 8 log cabins and 7 stars finished and 13 more partial stars and my once half way organized scraps are "scrap salad" to steal a phrase from Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville. She said the ladies in her workshop all arrived with their scraps neatly sorted and after 2 hours they all had scrap salad. I understand that perfectly. 

Here is one of my piles of scrap salad. there are 2 more.

 I plan to straighten it up a bit not because I think it will stay that way but I know that in there somewhere are several partial log cabins. I chain piece for a while just adding  strips to each block in a random manner but then I will get a little compulsive about one or two blocks and add a strip and press and add another strip........ etc until it is finished. Then I go back to chain piecing and pressing again. It keeps me from getting bored when I mix things up in my routine but I lose track of things in the muddle I create.
These are the blocks I have finished, they will be 8 inches in the quilt. I never noticed that 7 in the star block on the top row until I put them on my flannel board. I may have to think of something clever to do with it or use it for something else or maybe make up a story about it.

Below are the partial star blocks. the centers are 4 1/2 inches and they have one set of star points sewed on.
After I made the first few blocks I cut my background rectangles to use for the connector corners 4 1/2 by 2 3/4 inches instead of 2 1/2 and trimmed them when they were finished. For me it always works better to sew first and trim to size. I also always trim out the triangle of background fabric after I make sure it is covered.

I really do miss having a whole wall for a design wall but I am going to do it different in this room so that I can also pin to the wall so I have to wait until my husband is feeling like doing it. For now my 32 x40 and 24 x 36 pieces of flannel covered foam core will do the job.
That man (husband) is feeling pretty good we have gone to the arboretum to walk and count frogs the last 3 days and he is talking about getting out tomorrow on his motorcycle and going back to the Y to workout on Monday.

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