Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One more thing done.

Saturday after I got home from our group get together Jack put up my other bulletin board and moved the first one up several  inches. We put the first one up before the the shelf unit was in  front of it and it was  partly covered . I think it was  just before the water incident and we just never got back to it.
The photo at the left  shows the bulletin board on the left side of the window and the one on the right is on the right side of the window. The tree outside the window is what our whole move was  all  about. We  have really, really ugly windows and now I can look at the tree and ignore the window. That  is a bonus because the  reason for the move was really about the shade from the afternoon sun. The clock on the bulletin  board  is  to the left of where I sit at my desk so I only have to turn  my head to see it or  look out the window. Right next to my clock is a license plate that belonged to one of my friends, it doesn't show up here because the flash bounced off of it, it says"GO QUILT".   

I am going to be patient about my design wall and I also want a  shelf moved  down several inches so I can hang all my rulers on the wall above it. I know if I had waited a  little longer to put up the shelves  on my desk wall they would be  where I  wanted them to say. I needed the shelves to put things on  so I could get organized but I didn't give it enough thought.

These are few more stars that I finished. I worked on the star point units on  Saturday. I worked  on them again on Sunday and  finished them late Sunday. It is not a fast moving project but I don't have any deadline so I don't have to be fast. GOOD THING because I am not fast. My pile of scraps is getting smaller, not fast, but it is getting there.

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