Sunday, October 24, 2010

A finish

I have not exactly gone into a quilting frenzy but I started quilting this yesterday and it is ready to hang as soon as I get the hanging sleeves stitched down. The quilting is simple, in the ditch throughout. This photo is one I took when I finished the top last February. It was my second QAWM piece using the dark blocks that didn't work in the other quilt. I liked the blocks as they were and decided not to divide as for the suggested QAWM block. I plan to hang it above my bed, the big white space is looking very bare.

The quilt below is the one that stays on our bed in the winter. It is king size and hand quilted in the ditch to outline the star points and then a plain crosshatch grid through the center of  all  the 4 ptches. I quilted close to the seams (almost in the ditch) for the piano key border. I made this for our bed about 17 years ago when our previous quilt would not cover our new fat mattress. It is about 116 inch square and all four sides are the same. All of the  fabrics are plaid except for the black star points and the  background which is a tiny open floral background type fabric.  If I remember correctly, I cut too many small red plaid squares and didn't have enough fabric to do what I wanted. Of course the fabric was not to be found in the quilt shops ever again so I had to improvise and what I made was much more interesting than my original plan. I named it Jack's Quilt because when I finished it I asked what he thought and he  said it was nice. I was a little huffy about "nice" and told him I thought he would say it  was WONDERFUL. He said "Well it is wonderful." I accepted that and told him that since he thought it was wonderful it was his quilt. He always  refers  to it as "my quilt".

I will post a photo when I  get Jack's quilt on the bed and the  QAWM wall hanging on the  wall.

PS. You gotta love this spell checker.
I had left one of the  r's out of correctly and fixed it before I turned  spell checker on. It always wants to correct words that were originally wrong even if they have been fixed. The suggestion for correctly was rectally.  Isn't that a bit much?

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