Saturday, October 30, 2010

More quilting

I am taking a break from the  Warm Wishes quilt while I think about what I want to do in the border and the dark blocks.
These are two of the blocks from my QAWM quilt. See the top here. I quilted in the ditch around every block and I am starting to quilt around all of the V shapes.  That is a lot of quilting with lots of starts and stops, 128 V's. I thought of going back and quilting a diagonal line across each block but I felt that the little V shapes should be  emphasized. So it will take longer but I like the way the three blocks look that I have finished. I often take the easy way just to get  something finished and then ask myself what was the reason to hurry. Well, sometimes there is a reason but most of the time that is not the case.

I do a lot of stitch in the ditch quilting and a lot of straight  line quilting with my walking foot. I think that the quilting should bear some relationship to the piecing if there is a definite pattern and my free motion skills are not up to doing something intricate on something large. I have done my share of meander quilting but it is not my favorite. Instead of meandering I prefer wavy lines randomly spaced usually following along the pieced seams as a general guide. I like to avoid marking if I can.

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