Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ta - da

I finished the letters in my banner and put them together. After I made the lower case g backwards I reread the instructions for printing and using the freezer paper templates and started over. I got the g the way I wanted it and I am happy with it but I am  not going to piece " the giggling gaggle of geese wearing goggles" anytime soon.

After I got it together I showed it to my husband and he thought the m wasn't right. He doesn't make a lot of comments about what isn't right so when he does I listen to him.  I was not about to take this letter  out and  do it over so I fixed it with a black magic marker. I fixed the upper case G in the same way because the left top and bottom corners were too chunky. If you enlarge the photo you can probably see it but it doesn't show in person and it will be OK after I quilt it and up kind of high where I will hang it.

 This photo gives you an idea of how I put these together with the freezer paper templates. It worked   OK for this but I would not want to do this for many more letters. For one thing I kept losing my pieces even though I pinned the ones I wasn't using on my design board so I would know where they were.  I am also at a loss to explain why I choose to use black  all the time now that my eyes have grown old.  As I am looking at it, I can see that next time I will make allowances in spacing for the letter I or i. All in all, I am  pretty satisfied with it, after all it is a funky alphabet, right?

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Anonymous said...

The piece is fanastic in person. I can hardly wait to see it quilted.
You are amazing. Kathy