Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Waiting and quilting

This is the back of the quilt that is going over my bed. The hanging sleeves are sewed down and the wood strips are in the sleeves and it is moving around from here to there to keep it out of the way till it is hung. I am still waiting for Mr Spontaneous to be redy to put it up. I would  do it myself but I never get things hung straight. It  is worth waiting for.
I had this border print  for a few years and I liked it but never found anthing to do with it. I  purchased it at a LQS as a "Flag fold" which was 3 yards folded in a triangle like a flag. There was also another flag fold in the same print only larger scale and not a border print. (click on the picture and you can see where I used it for the hanging sleeves. I had used some of both  pieces recently for backs and  now that it is all gone I am very fond of it and disappointed that there is no more. That happens  to me all the time.
I am currently quilting a  Warm Wishes quilt that I made as a sample for last summer's Quilt Camp. this photo shows the Hera marker, my favorite marking tool for straight lines.  For years I had it and didn't think it was much good because I had tried to use it on a quilt that was in the frame  and it has to be marked with the quilt on a hard  surface. I love it because the lines stay visible for a long time so I can  mark the whole top if I am going to do it all in one or two days. The best part is there is nothing to erase, or take off. Probably the one step I dislike the most is removing the marking. If you enlarge the picture you can see the marked lines.

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