Friday, December 3, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas

I had plans to get out my Christmas dishes and quilts yesterday but it was not to be. When I turned on my computer at 5 AM I got a message that told me it couldn't start. Long story short... the operating system could not be found. After much fiddling around with it and talking on the phone to a tech, we took it in to Micro Center where we bought it and left it. As I was reading the fine print on the contract/receipt, I saw that the warranty did not cover software. So... we went back and got it and took it home and ran the installation disk. I spent the rest of the day putting back all the stuff I lost. Fortunately most of it was on disks I made to transfer files when we bought the computer 2 months ago . That means I lost 2 months of work, bad enough but it could be worse. This morning I made a recovery disk and backed up my files which I intend to make a practice of doing.

Well, I didn't get everything done that I had planned but I got out 2 little things for my sewing room. This one has a sleeve that fits over one of those 8 x 10 plastic holders that you can slip a photo into. I love those because you don't have to find a permanent place for them. This is sitting on the shelf above my desk. I made this for my MIL a few years  ago when she was in a nursing home and didn't have a lot of room for decorations. I have a little quilt for almost every month.

This Santa made from a log cabin block was a gift  from  a  friend. He hangs on the door to my sewing room. I took this photo with him on my design wall because I couldn't get a good photo on the door, hence the red threads behind him.

Maybe today after we go to the Y and stop at the grocery store I will get out the Christmas dishes and quilts. The lake effect snow has kicked in and though the streets look good, just wet, it feels like a good day to stay inside.

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