Saturday, December 11, 2010

Today's Mail

This is what came in the mail today.
 It is the  half yard bundle I won on Red Pepper Quilts blog. She hosted a giveaway from Pat Bravo. They are from the Natures Elements collection from Art Galley Fabrics. Click on the link to see all the yummy colors. A very big thank you to Pat Bravo  and to Rita for hosting the give away.
Our little group at church met today. I wish I had remembered to bring my camera so I could show you photos of us eating working. As usual we spent our time catching up with everyones news and we had show and tell and talked about what we were working on or planning to make. We had a young woman, Chris, there today who is from Brazil; her husband is a student at the university. Her English is good, though there were some terms that lost in the translation but we worked it out. It was fun talking with her about our different  customs. She is eager to learn to quilt and we are so pleased to have her.

  One of our ladies helped us get started making little bags with metal carpenters tape sections in the top  so they snap closed. This is mine; it is 4 x 5 and it could be better (and it will be next time).

I bought this little pack of fat quarters yesterday and I thought it was perfect to use for these little  bags. I worked that rationalization out quickly so that it was OK to buy as I am  not buying anything unless it is to finish something I am working on or for something that I am going to go right home and start. This is a self imposed moratorium on fabric purchases so I do not actually have to make excuses. It is working pretty well  most of the time and I am clearing out  fabric that has been with  me a  long time and  has lost so of it's appeal.
Well, back to the point. Chris used some of it for her bag. She used the large blue print for the outside and the red with the white flowers for the lining and  accent strip  and the smaller blue print for the prairie  points. All of the little  bags turned out really cute and I am sorry I don't have photos  to show. Maybe next time I will  remember my camera......... maybe not.

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