Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Done de done done! I remembered that I had about 4 yards of some Kaffe fan fabric and it was just wide enough to use for the back without piecing. I trimmed the selvages after I quilted it and there was about 3/8 of an inch of fabric on each selvage that I cut off. I would have trimmed the border a half inch if the backing fabric hadn't covered the top. I did have to piece the batting and with one seam it was an almost perfect fit. There were only little bitty scraps of batting left over,too small to save even for practice stitching to check my thread choices and stitch quality. There was no trip to Joanns for batting to slow me down. 
 I stitched in the ditch around the blocks and then used my #4 stitch on the Bernina to stitch across the blocks corner to corner. With this layout for the blocks there is almost no stopping and starting again I just start at an edge and go across  the squares diagonally to the other side and turn at the border and keep repeating that until I get to a block I have done already. I think I only had to start again 2 times. I love this stitch because I don't have to mark, if I waver a little it doesn't show.
I used the solid light Kona fabric (I think the color is Bone)for my binding. I auditioned a lot of different fabrics including yellow and lime green and the fan fabric and nothing looked as good as the solid light fabric. I like it and that surprises me because I have never cared for plain white until recently and now I am drawn to using it.  I  stitched the binding on the back and turned it to the front and finished it by machine. I  still have to finish the binding I am doing by hand on the two quilts I was working on before I got sidetracked.

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