Saturday, January 15, 2011

Getting sidetracked

This is the room I straightened up 2 days ago.My desk was all  cleaned off all  my fabric was put away,all my rulers were hung up, all  the lamps were where they belong and the floor was  vacuumed. It stayed nice and neat until I  finished quilting the 2 Disappearing Nine Patch quilts for our community quilts projects. 
After I got them quilted I got the bindings sewed on but the finishing is slow going by hand. I should have done the finishing by machine but I stitched the binding to the front so I need to finish them  by hand.

One of my friends asked me about the DNP  quilts and I went looking for my files in my computer. Although I don't seem to  have the Electric Quilt files in my computer (thanks to my recent problems) I do have the files for the handouts for a DNPclass I taught. I had forgotten about all the different options that I played with in Electric Quilt. Of course that drew my into the playtime mode and I decided that I need to make a baby quilt using this pattern. I have my room all set up for machine quilting which makes it cumbersome to do any amount of rotary cutting. I decided that I will work with it as it is because I can't wait until  I put the room back for cutting and piecing. This is the reason for the colossal mess I have in my room.

Here are the 4 inch squares I cut from about 20 different bright fabrics; only one of them is really a kids fabric. I am going to use the solid yellow as the small square in the blocks and the Kona light fabric that they are laying on for the rectangle patches. After I got all  the squares cut I realized that I could  have strip pieced the center strip of the 9 patch but I am so accustomed to doing it with scrappy squares that I didn't think to do it the easy way.

Here are 4 of the nine patch blocks that I haven't cut into quarters yet and at the right are 2 blocks that I cut and rearranged. I am wondering if I should have used something other than solid yellow for the small squares but it is too late now. I have all 20 nine patch blocks done and I am not going to change anything. If I don't like it at least it will  be a lesson learned.
I still have to press the other 14 blocks and square them up and quarter them so I will  not get this top together tonight, maybe tomorrow.

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