Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not quite back to normal

My computer is up and running but not quite back to normal. I can't find a driver for my older HP Laserjet printer. It is so trouble free and economical  to use that I hate to have to give up on it. My all in one color printer is not so trouble free.

Yesterday was our Friendship block swap group meeting and it was my month to collect my blocks.These are the ones I collected I think I have two more to look forward to. I am not sure yet what I will do with them. My own blocks are not here because I made something with them and gave them away. I am  going to make a couple more blocks and put these up where I can look at them for a while. I really like this block and I think it might be a good one to cut into quarters and  rearrange. 

Monday when I changed out all my Christmas quilts I decided to hang something different in the living room. This was from 1998 when I was making a lot of watercolor/colorwash quilts. I used to hang it in February but the spot I used in our old  apartment is a  little different here and I no longer hang anything there. The one I took down for now is a colorwash in autumn colors and the colors really work better  in the living room but a work of art stands alone and doesn't  have to "go with" everything else in the room. Anyway, that is what someone told me and I am going to go with it and since it is hanging on the wall it is art, right?

BTW thanks to everyone for the nice comments about my Log Cabin Quilt post.  There was a  link to the post in the Electric Quilt newsletter. I had  sent them a link to the post  because at the time I made them I never sent them any pictures of the completed quilts. None of the comments are showing up on my blog but they do show up on my dashboard when I have signed in to Blogger. If you have left a comment and don't see it I want you to know that I have seen it and I thank you.


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Hi, I have my blocks cut for you and will get them to you as soon as I can. I missed you guys on Tuesday. Kathy