Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I got up early yesterday and put up on my design wall  the 9 patch blocks that I had quartered before I went to bed Monday. This is pretty much the way I sewed them together. I moved a few that had the same fabrics next to each other. I have learned over time that random is random  and sometimes the same fabrics ends up side by side no matter what so I usually don't spend a lot of time anymore rearranging.
After I finished the top and pieced the backing and the batting I layered up this one and 2 more. By then I was really tired and decided to quit for the day. I spent  another hour trying to download a  book for my new Kindle. I have trouble connecting to a wireless network even when I am sitting next to my own computer so I decided to download via the computer and my security program blocked the download and I went round and round with that.I  finally walked into the bedroom with my Kindle and it connected up to someones wifi and my book downloaded. Ahhhhhh technology.

Today I straightened up my sewing room and set it up for machine quilting. I got one of the DNP tops quilted and made the binding for both of them. I don't sew straight lines well unless I mark so here I am marking the lines that go across the blocks. That is an old dull pizza cutter in my hand, it will not cut anything (well maybe it would cut butter).  I really like my Hera marker but couldn't find it so I remembered that last year I  tried this and it worked. It really works very well, no marking to remove, and it makes a crease that holds long enough  to  mark the whole small quilt if you are going to quilt it that day. It might hold  longer but so far I haven't tested  it. I would  not recommend this without thoroughly testing the pizza cutter.

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