Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Block for the Party

 This is my Modern Block submission to the Block Party. It is a Quails Nest block which is an old  traditional block that has been cut into  4 equal sections, the sections rearranged and then sewn back  together. I would like to give the block a catchy name but nothing comes to mind.

I  first  saw the Quails Nest block on Love Laugh Quilt and thought maybe it was Beth's original block but Beth assured me it was not and to  go ahead and post it.
The two blocks above, set on point, are blocks my Friendship Group made for me when it was my month to receive blocks.  I am not sure I will cut them all up and rearrange them because I really like the Quail's Nest block.

The red, yellow and black block is the first one I cut apart. When I put these 2 print fabrics together the octagon hiding behind the Churndash got lost or maybe it was the churndash that got lost..... anyway something got lost  I liked the combination and the fabrics so I thought maybe cutting and rearranging it like a Disappearing 9 Patch would help. I think it is better. At the right is a block cut apart but not rearranged yet.
When I cut the first block I divided it a quarter inch off center. I was thinking "12 inch block" which is the finished size not the raw edge block. I had to trim it a little to make it go together and that cut off the points in triangle squares and made the center square "float". Now I have to figure out exactly what I did so I can repeat it and use all these blocks together.
I have found that what works best for me when dividing the block in equal parts is to use the measurement of the center square and move my ruler back and line up the edge of my ruler on half the center square. That way I don't have to think about what size to cut the whole block which may not be exactly the size I was aiming  for.  After the sections are rearranged the new block is one that lends itself easily to squaring up to the right size.

I wish I had more patience so I would stop and think before I charge ahead. Then I wouldn't have to  figure out how to fix things. Maybe if I had more patience I wouldn't have as much fun. I think I will hang on to that thought because I am probably not going to change.

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Quiltstory said...

This is sooo great! I love the colors you used!! Thanks so much for submitting for the block party, we really had so much fun so THANK YOU!