Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday No Sewing

Today our loosely organized quilting group got together but we did not do any sewing. Actually  we didn't really plan to sew this time. Our plan was to work on fabric collages using the book "Happy Villages" by Karen Eckmeir as a guide. One person actually got her pieces cut and organized on her collage surface and fused down, two people worked on cutting their shapes, some people looked  at picture quilt books and planned quilts, some  people talked. It is always good to get together we find inspiration and encouragement and affirmation from each other. I've read that girlfriends are good for each other and I believe it. Lunch is always good. It  is usually unplanned and everyone brings whatever they want. A few months back almost everyone brought dessert; another time we were heavy on the salads. Today we had a nice variety; a little heavy on the fruit but that is better than heavy on the desserts which makes for heavy on you know who (pointing finger at self). Lunch was really fun with everyone sitting together around the table talking and laughing, lots of laughing going  on.

 There are always quilts  to show. This is Fran's Disappearing 9 Patch made with 6 1/2 inch squares in the original 9 patch block. I love all  those blues and I  like this quilt done with the larger squares.

Diane brought her practice pieces from  a machine quilting class with  Patsy Thompson. Diane's work is beautiful I wish I had taken a picture to show. Some of our other people took the same class and I saw their work at another time and it was beautiful too. I have to say that Patsy Thompson must be a  very good teacher.

Diane also brought her finished Diva quilt from our Diva challenge. The quilt on the left is the front and on the right is the back of the quilt. Both sides are wonderful. I think she might have used every motif on the panel and then added a  lot of other elements. Good job, Diane!

We had the big reveal for the Diva challenge back here in July 2010. The reveal was previously scheduled for January 2010 and originally scheduled for a time before that. There are still 1 or 2 quilts not finished. No matter, we will enjoy them and exclaim over them when they finally show up. As I said we are loosely organized. Maybe that is why we have so  much fun.

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