Monday, March 14, 2011

Finishes - Small Stuff

I have been spending a lot of time fiddling with my computer ....again. This time it was some sort of power glitch during the night, neither of us could boot up in the morning. We both finally got going after different solutions for each of us.  I had pages I needed to print and that required some more fiddling. I'm not sure how I feel about Windows 7. Anyway not too much sewing got done for a few days.
 I have some larger things to quilt but I finished up some small things just to get them out of my way.

This table topper is 26 x 26. it has 4 - JP Star blocks and though it is quilted and bound I may do something to bring the turquoise into the center; and then again maybe not. I have been making so many things this size that I am getting quite a collection of table toppers that I am not going to use.                                    
This piece is made  with 2 - 12 inch Jacob's Ladder blocks; I am going to use it on my hutch that sits next to the table in the dining room. I put the bread basket and dessert plates etc there during dinner and I need something (pretty) to protect the surface. I made the blocks for our Block of the Month for our group at church.  I had one  completed and one to demo the steps. I am not going to make a quilt out of my blocks for 2 reasons. first, I don't need another bed or lap or throw quilt and second I only bought a fat quarter bundle of this fabric and an extra yard of the red. I am starting to really like the colors  so maybe I will buy more and make a  quilt after all. Or.........with all the small pieces and the rest of the bundle I will make place mats and pot holders.

This is what I did with the Quails nest blocks I cut into quarters and rearranged. The Quails Nest pattern got lost in the busy background and red and green print so I decided maybe I would rescue the blocks by cutting them up. I really like the red and green (and yellow) print and I  wanted  to use the blocks. It is better this way but here I am  with another table  runner.  I like the colors and the way it turned out,nice and bright and kind of sassy.These are all my favorite colors that I wear all the time but they do not fit with any of the colors in our decor so I will probably pass it on.
I make things because I am excited about the fabric and I want to play; then I really don't have a use for it myself. Maybe I should concentrate on getting excited about something I can use in a new quilt for my bed. Something made with new fabric and not from my stash, which is dwindling anyway there is  not enough of anything to make a bed quilt.  You know..........I can't believe I am  thinking along these lines I have more than enough bed quilts already and I have ONE bed and not room to store more quilts. Oh well........................... we'll see.

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