Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Friendship Blocks

I finally got caught up on my blocks for my Friendship Group. I stayed home in January because of the weather and I didn't have any blocks for that month done either. In February I waited till the last minute and then I still  didn't finish the blocks for the previous month and I think I was sick and couldn't get them done. so in February 2 people presented blocks and I had 6 blocks to finish before April 5. I finally got to them this week. I am patting myself on the back because that makes me almost a week early.
The 2 top  blocks are 9 (91/2). Sue wanted reproduction fabrics, red and black with black on white for the background. 
The maple leaf blocks are 6 inches and Gwen wanted black or black and white  or black with a little color for the background and we were to pick the colors for the leaf fabric from a strip  of  border fabric that she gave us.
The block on the right is 12 inches. Judy wanted us to make one block (our favorite block) and she gave us 4 strips of paint chips to use to  pull the colors for the fabric. I did not have one favorite block but I really like the Quails Nest block and I like making it as it comes together easily with no fuss.
I did not have one single fabric that I could use for this block (really, honest) so a trip to the quilt shop was in order.  My sister in law and my friend  Sue and I went to Jellens House of Fabric and it felt like springtime. Lots of "fresh modern" fabrics and lots of samples. I didn't buy very much today because I am not buying anymore for stash, only for what I am going to go home and use. Well, besides the 2 pieces of "Sunkissed" for Judy's block I bought  another piece of the red from the Moda Fandango line because I had used it all up and 1 poor little yard from the Moda Frolic line because it looked so sad left alone on the bolt. As long as it is out on my cutting table it is not stash fabric. Right? 
I have to think about the quilt I want to make for my bed. I saw so much that I like that I have to decide what I really want to make before I buy too much of one thing and not enough of another. My experience has been that if I do not purchase enough of something it will be the one thing I really like better than anything else and it will have disappeared from the face of the earth.

We all bought a box of Girl Scout cookies  too, for our husbands of course.

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