Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Sewing

Our Saturday group met today. We are glad to have Kathy back with us; she has been tied up for a while with caring for her dad. She tried to step back and get herself out of the picture but Fran snagged her and gave her a hug and I snapped the picture. Kathy is the shorter one here.
Jan brought her Happy Village piece from last month. She and Lori are at about the same stage of adding doors and windows and roofs. It makes me want to locate my pieces and parts and get to work on it.

We got started on our collaborative quilt project after everyone was there and we stood/sat around and chatted and caught up with the latest goings on in everyone's life.  Lori and Diane started putting blocks up on the design surface and arranging them and Judy set up her machine and started adding frames and pieces to make smaller blocks fit. These 3 did  most of the work of arranging and putting the top together. The rest of us were not idle; there was a lot of discussion about how it looked and what to do about a border and we critiqued Jan's happy villages and Lynn made some wonky stars and houses and we discussed lunch.

Lunch is always fabulous; the food is always  good  and so is the  conversation. We always linger over lunch and it is hard sometimes to get focused again on our work.

After  lunch Judy started sewing the blocks  together with the help of Diane, Kathy, and Lori.  Before long they had the whole body of the quilt together. There was a discussion about the borders and I am not sure what decision we came to or maybe we didn't make a decision.
While the quilt top was coming together Fran, Jan, Lynn and I did  some planning for filler strips or border strips. Fran came up with a easy way to make them and we are all going to bring the strip tubes next month for slicing up "bargello style". 

There was  also talk about the "next quilt" so we will be doing this again. We will be needing another quilt in which to use those filler/border strips. I heard some talk  also about 12", 9", and 6" blocks. Judy is going to email all of us the particulars on that. We didn't really have any sort of plan for this quilt other than bright colors and 6 inch blocks. Now that we have done this one the ideas are starting to flow. Sounds like some fun coming up.

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