Monday, April 18, 2011


 Today my sister in law came over and I helped her figure out what to cut for a DNP quilt that she is going to make.  I had cleaned up the disaster in my sewing room so there would be room for both of us to sit; it was pretty bad. Beside that, I didn't want to scare her because she is a pretty orderly person. When my room is nice and orderly I always feel  inspired to work in it. It really is a good thing to have company on a regular basis; it help to keep things in order. Anyway, after Martha left I made 3 of my Friendship blocks for this month.

These are 8 inch blocks and they are supposed to be pastel and white. Looking at them here I wonder if they are really pastel. I think Maryann is very brave to request a block that has all those matching points. On the other hand getting blocks with all those matching points from 11 people means that is 33 blocks with all those matching points that she won't have to make. I don't have to have them finished until the firs Tuesday in May but these were not blocks I wanted to make at the last minute (all  those matching points, you know). Making just 3 blocks wasn't bad although I really made 4 blocks. The first block, that I made last night, spun in the wrong direction. I am glad I caught it before I made 2 more blocks that were wrong.  I think I made the first one wrong because of the stress of the mess I was working in (that was before I cleaned my room). Now before I create chaos out of order I think I will make the other set of Friendship  blocks; they will be easier, wonky with no matching points. However, I can quarantee I will be making a big mess.
I hope no one gets the idea that I was unhappy about all  those matching points, actually I was pretty happy about it and impressed with myself because all those points really do match.

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