Friday, April 29, 2011


I have been working on my borders for the tilted half log cabin quilt. I got the top together, and for sure, before I use those tilted setting strip  again I am going to find an easier way. You know, when you "wing it" it isn't always the best way but I just count it as a learning experience. There are many narrow ends coming together when sewing the blocks together, making really difficult bulky intersections. I ended up having to twist some of the seams. It was either that or take the block(s) out of the quilt take the block apart and cut new strips  and put it back together. I was NOT going to do that.

I  have been working on  the borders and I am pretty close to finishing. Here they are on my wall. The top border is stitched together and sewed to the yellow strip. I sewed strips together in 13 inch lengths in groups of 4, 5 or 6. Then I cut them in 6 inch wide "blocks". I measured and made the inner border strips and put one up on my wall to measure against. After I squared up  the sections, I started arranging them on my wall along the strips. I thought that was a good way to judge when I had enough. Here and there I added a 6 inch strip between sections when it needed a punch of color.It worked out pretty well. I ended up having more than I need because I measured them along the long inner border strip. I have a good start on another strippy border. This used up a lot of short strips and I surely have a lot of them. They also go a lot faster than the log cabins; half or whole, log cabins take a lot of time.

 I have been working on this quilt almost every free minute I have but I took a break one evening this week to go to the Holder Arboretum. This is photo is at the entrance to the arboretum taken from the car window. The sun was low in the sky and you can see that the background trees are lit up. In real life the pink blossoms on the tree right behind the bushes in the center were also lit up. There are many, many different kinds of daffodils every where.

On the way home we passed an area where the Marsh Marigolds were in bloom. It  was almost dark so this photo had to be fixed up enhanced.                                                             I  am thinking of a quilt with yellow flowers and  maybe some bare  branches off to the side and maybe some blue periwinkle in front. That was another photo that didn't turn out but the picture is still in  my head.     Hmmmm.

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