Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wonky Half Log Cabins

First, I want to tell you that spell checker is not working so bear  with me. I am a terrible proof reader. If you come across any typos that are really hilarious just have a good chuckle.
These  blocks are a good way to use up all my small scraps and smallish pieces of fabric. I got turned on to making them when I was making 3 Friendship blocks. My blocks are 4 1/2 inches and 4 of them will  make an 8 inch finished block; the ones I made for Friendship group are 8 inches.                          

Here are 11 blocks on my ironig board with the first log of the second round sewed on. I will trim them on the left side before I sew on the second log. I like  sewing on the  second log of the rounds  because I don't have to decide what fabric to use.
These are most of the shoe boxes lined up on my work table and on a tray table. This is working out pretty well. I don't have to dig through and tangle up all of the colors I can just dig through the box with the color I want. When I finish with a round I put all the pieces back in the  right  box. It is also very nice when something gets pushed off the table like that box that looks ready to fall (it did); I just pick it up and shove it all back  in the box without sorting anything.So far there isn't too much mess. I wouldn't be so concerned about the mess if my space was larger but when I have no place to sit or to put anything without piling it on something else it gets overwhelming.
 So ........ here are 48 blocks that I have made so far. Actually, they will be 12 blocks when I sew them together in groups of 4. They are not in order yet, I just stuck them up on my wall as I finished them so I can see what I need. I see that I have 2 blocks turned  the wrong way right in the center. I probably should fix them now just in case I decide to sew everything together without rearranging them. I am not quite half way done making the blocks and by the time I get them all finished I might just forget to fix those 2 blocks. I expect by the time I get them all done I will not notice something out of place until the whole thing is quilted. 
I have a question????  Do you think it would be better to notice something like that after it is quilted or after it is layered and pinned and ready to quilt?

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Anonymous said...

It's always better to spot an error before pin basting but how often does that happen? I am just happy if the error is near and edge and I don't have to unpin EVERYTHING, and sometimes I just let it go. KKF