Friday, June 17, 2011

Quilt Camp Flimsey

I put the last 2 piano keys borders on the quilt camp sample today.  I was thinking of putting 4 patch blocks in the corners. I tried them and they didn't do anything for the quilt so I opted for more strips as I had  more cut and sewed together anyway. My blocks are 6 x 9 instead of 6 x 11 and I have fewer blocks that the quilt the kids are going to make but my objective as to make the quilt using fabrics from our donated fabric so I could see how it  worked out. I am  not wild  about the darker blue  vertical strips in the blocks and I think that more medium values would work better but all in all I like it. It will make a nice quilt for our "caring quilts" closet. I like the term "caring quilts" better than charity quilts.

I really should finish my block of the month for June.  I chose this Lemoyne Star block because of the set-in piecing and I wish I hadn't. This is as far as I got. Used templates for the first one of the diamonds and then I lost the template. It was right on my table  but it became invisible. I put sticky dots and the other two templates so I wouldn't lose them and I figured out how to cut the diamonds with my ruler. I thought I needed the templates to make the  dots but I found a tool among my gadgets to mark the dots (it is called Quilters Quarter Marker by SewUnique) It's one of those things I bought for some reason and never used. I  also found Judy Martins Ultimate Point Trimmer and trimmed the points and it made things easier. With taking all my stuff to the church and back home Saturday I have misplaced the pieces for the other quarter section. I might just throw the whole thing away. Hmm... or maybe I will just put this together and add a background piece with a stem and call it a  peony. That's what I made for my first  quilt (a sampler) 30 years ago. Sounds like a good plan to me.  I think everyone else is going with one of the alternte versions that don't require set-in piecing.


Anonymous said...

Let's try again, I think the camp quilt is lots of fun and I bet the kids will enjoy making it. I don't see anything for POP UP.
Oh well...Kathy

Anonymous said...

Hey, My comment worked this time. I will make sure to comment early and often, Kathy