Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quilt Camp Day 5

Quilt Camp is over and  most of the quilts are completely finished. It was a fun week for me and I hope for everyone. There were 10 kids this year and all but 3 were returnees. Everyone made the same pattern but there were some individual design decisions.

Here they are with their finished quilts. They have them folded so the backing is showing. Most of the quilts were tied but 3 girls wanted to quilt theirs and they are coming  to our regular monthly meeting to finish up.

 All of the fabric in the strips is from our quilting closet donated fabric; they purchased the fabric for the backing and the one constant fabric that is in the horizontal strips and the inner border. They also decided how they wanted to handle the borders.
Maybe next year we will have the more experienced kids use some techniques that we haven't covered yet at Quilt Camp. If we have more sewing machines and more adult helpers we can do that and we can also take more  kids.
One of our adult helpers worked on some extra projects for the times when they didn't have anything to do but that didn't happen for most of the kids. The early finishers were the ones who didn't make the piano key borders. A few of the kids worked on something they made up themselves. I did see that some of the girls took the kits that were made up for the extra projects and at least one of them started working on it. One mom told me her daughter made something (by herself) at home this week with pieces of fabric that she put together. This is what we like to hear.

This couldn't happen without the adults who were willing to give up a week of their time. I am retired and  my time is pretty much my own but all of the other ladies have work and/or family obligations. It amazes me is that they are willing every year to give their time. They all deserve gold stars.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a job well done by all. Maybe next year I can lend a hand.