Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sorting and stitching

I  have been getting my stuff ready for our Zen tangle play day this Saturday and also sorting through a zippered plastic bag with "I Spy" fabric that I brought home from our church group.  BTW all this made a real disaster of my sewing room but I am getting it all sorted out.
This is where I am right now. I made 22 - 4 patch blocks from purple and yellow squares that someone had cut and I am going to make this quilt from the moda bake shop. I will need to find one fabric to use for a constant square throughout the quilt. I like this pattern as it does not require so many "I Spy "squares.
I sorted the fabric into multiples of the same fabrics, stacks of single squares of 5 inch and single squares of 4 1/2 inch and fabric that aren't cut that might be used to piece large pieces for backs.  There is a Ziploc bag of 4 inch squares that are multiples of floral fabrics that might make nice adult lap quilts.

For now I  am going to take what I intend to make and set it aside. I will put all the rest back in the bag neatly organized with the pattern to make a quilt and I will take it back to the church. Maybe now that there is some rhyme and reason to it someone (maybe even me) will do something with it. I hate to see all  these scraps go to waste. I  am a hopeless scrapaholic.

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