Sunday, August 28, 2011

Making progress

I have not been idle. I am making progress even though I don't have pictures to prove it. I am almost finished with my sampler quilt from out BOM from our group at church.  I was thinking that we started this 2 years ago but when I looked at my files for the blocks I see the date for the first block is October 2007. I finished the top last December.

Yesterday I finished the quilting on the border and then went to Joann's to get red Kona cotton for the binding. I had enough of the red fabric for the binding but used it for something. I should have made the binding and and set it aside when I finished the top but the nice thing about Kona cotton is that it is pretty nearly the exact color all the  time. For the binding it looks exact. I quilted feathers in the border. It has been a long time since I quilted feathers and it took some practice  before I felt confident to start on the  real  thing. It went pretty well but I don't think I will be doing this anytime soon ever in a contrasting color thread where the glitches  stand out.
I will get another picture after I  get the binding on.

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