Sunday, August 7, 2011

More Spiral LC

I spent a lot of time today trying to get  my computer to boot up. This has been an on and off problem since I bought it last fall, starting when it was a month from the purchase date. I fiddled around with it before we went to church and again when we came back. It is up and running again but I never feel confident when I shut it down that it will start again. I have everything I care about backed up just in case. 
So.. I only finished 4 blocks again today even though I had a head start by adding the first set of 2 1/2 inch logs to all the starters. I did add 3 1/2 inch logs to 4 more but then we  went  to the computer store and then out to Chagrin Falls for one of "Dave's Atomic Subs" which we ate outside sitting in the park by the Chagrin Falls. It was nice and breezy and it was good to get out for a while. When we came back  home I finished a book I  was reading and then finished just the 4 blocks. I will have a head start again tomorrow. 
After I made the first few blocks I decided that the ones I like the best a the ones that are pretty much in one color family or at least every dark log having some relationship to the  other dark logs. Most of these strips are from the color wash scraps and so there are a lot of multicolor fabrics.

  Here are the 24 blocks I have finished, that is halfway there. As I put them up on the wall I am taking care to arrange them in the correct orientation and putting each block where I think it looks best color wise. If I go with this setting I won't have to arrange them when I am finished with the blocks. This is the easy setting. I have been playing with a couple of different settings in EQ7 and they would require a bit more thinking, not to mention that I would have to take these all off the wall the put them  back up and make setting triangles as well. Right now I am tired and sleepy and that seems like a lot of work. At 4 blocks a day I won't have  to worry about the setting for at least 6 more days. Maybe after I think about it in my sleep for a day or six I will know exactly what to do.  That does happen!

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beth said...

Oh Ruth! It's BEAUTIFUL!