Saturday, August 6, 2011

More spiral log cabin

Yesterday I made 4 more Spiral Log Cabin blocks. Last night I cut some more strips so I would have more variety. I said I would not agonize over every log that I add but I do make some choices.

This morning I started out to make 4 more blocks and ended up adding a 2 1/2 inch log to all the rest of the starters (32). This is the most boring part for me so I decided to get it over with. Here they are, still all strung together from chain piecing. You can probably see that there is a little overhang on the ends. I confess that when I cut the logs the size I need, I cut 1/8 to 1/4 inch longer to allow for error. I square up after every addition anyway so why not make it easy for me. I know there are people who cut everything exact and it works out perfectly for them. That is not me. I decided long ago that always leaving a little room for squaring up makes my work easier in the end. This way I never have to figure out how I have to "fudge it" to make it fit. I like wonky but only when I want it to be wonky. Even with wonky eventually the blocks have to be squared up and sized to fit together.

So..... here they are, all 32 of them, all squared up to 2 1/2 inches and ready for the next log. I think I will go back to working on 4 at a time because I like to finish a few as I go along and put them up on the wall. 

My tray of strips is still nice and neat and my space is set up for sewing, cutting and pressing without everything piled up on my tables; Maybe for a change I can keep it reasonable clear of clutter till I finish these blocks. We'll see!

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