Friday, August 19, 2011

Spider Iris Finished!

I took 2 + hours to finish a 30 minute job of binding. I had a purple binding all ready to go and I decided it was too dark and then I couldn't decide how wide to cut the binding. I decided to use a single layer binding and I had to allow a little extra to go around the layer of Timtex.  In the end I went with  the same lavender as the iris and I made the binding too wide but it just makes a wider binding on the back. I stitched on the front right next to the binding to sew the binding on the back but it is also fused on the back. I almost forgot the triangles in the corner to hold whatever I am going to use to hang it or hold it up. I am happy with it and it is not going anywhere and not going to be judged so what if it isn't according to "the rules". Right?

This picture shows the back. This is one of those plastic sign holders and not what I will actually use though with the Timtex inside it stands up and just needs someting to lean against soI could use it if I put it in a corner or on a shelf where the back wouldn't show. I like the idea of not having everything hanging on the wall so I may look for one of these plastic holders in a little bit larger size. Of course, everyone always wants to look at the back so I don't want to use something that looks cobbled up.
The color in these two pictures is much more like what it really looks like. I turned off my flash and the green shows up.

After I finished the binding we took off for the day and went to Pymatuning Lake in Pennsylvania to the  Pymatuning Wildlife Learning Center. There are 6 Bald Eagle nests there and we like to go every so often to see if we can spot the eagles. There are only 2 pairs of nesting eagles using the nests right now but the are some immature eagles that hang around and sometimes use the empty nests.
Today we hung around a while and were rewarded with a spotting of 2 immature eagles flying around. It is not like we are seeing them up close and personal but we can make them out with our binoculars.  Every now and then they will surprise us and come a lot closer but no luck with that today. After we left there we drove a little further to a hamburger stand (established in 1952) where we ate hamburgers and wavy cut french fries at a picnic table in the garden and watched the hummingbirds. A fun day for us old folks.

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