Friday, September 2, 2011

A List

Yesterday I realised that it is September and I usually change out all my wall quilts, table runners, place mats etc. around Labor Day.  I started looking in my little blanket chest at my small 8 x 10 seasonal quilts that I use on one of those little plastic picture/sign holders. O my, I found several things that I had forgotten. I used to keep a list of all my UFOs but after I started blogging I stopped using the list everything was on my blog posts. Well, that's not true I decided it was time for a new list because I don't put everything on my blog. I need to make a list so I remember this stuff. Here is my list of flimsies; I am not going to show pictures of all of them but as I finished them I will post a picture.

Flimsies September 2011
1. 50x 50 25 patch from Connecting threads block swap ( 8-10 years old)
2. 26 x 26  Convergence top
3. 48 x 48 Wonky crazy pieced stars
4. 48 x 48 Round Robin from Quilt guild ( very nice and deserves to be finished)
5. Red and green pinwheel table runner (next to be quilted)
6. 28 x28  Quails nest  autumn table topper (next after the table runner)
7. Twin size Scrappy Hst  for quilting in sections ( maybe 3 or 4 years old)
8. Twin size DNP (has pieced backing and batting with it but not layered up)
9. Twin size  Spiral Log cabin
10.   Hunters Star (pillow?  table topper? ???)

     I decided that I need to get these things out of the blanket chest and into the open where they will be seen and remind me that they are waiting. I hung them on a command hook behind my door, not exactly out in the open but they can bee seen from my desk.  There are 3 things here but only 2 that I will do next.

This is the one I am going to finish first. I made the blocks in May  as demo blocks for our BOM. I think I put it away at the time because I didn't think I needed to finish it  just then because it looked Christmasy even though the fabrics are not Christmas fabrics.
     On another note...
     my package came yesterday but I did not hear the postman knock on my door and I missed it.  I had to wait till today to pick it up. Along with the Derwent Inktense pencils I ordered the book "Totally Tangled" by Sandy Steen Bartholomew.  I have looked at a lot of websites and there is a lot of information and inspiration to be found but it is nice to have a real book with real pages. Sometimes when I know that I want to pursue something that is open to ones own interpretation I don't want to look at too many books because I do not want to be influenced to the point where I imitate instead of explore. However I felt  I needed more direction and I had looked at my friend's books before I decided what I wanted and I like this one.
Now I have to decide what I really want to do next.

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