Thursday, September 1, 2011

Zen Doodle Fish

After I finished my BOM sampler I played a little more with the Zen tangle  inspired doodling. My friend Kim asked me why I scanned my sketches (my hands) and then printed it on fabric instead of drawing on the fabric. My reason was that all of my sketches were so messy from erasing that I thought I would have a big mess if I drew on the fabric. Well....I am out of printer fabric so I decided to go ahead and draw directly on the fabric. If it turned out to be  a mess, so what? It is only 10 x 12 not much to lose.
I like it.
 All of the long outline lines are quilted. I stitched very slowly so I could stay right on the lines. For the seaweed I used a rayon thread that is one strand each of black and white  twisted together and I like the effect very much.  I left the Timtex out of this one and I fused the fabric to the batting with Wonder Under. I think next time with will just use fusible batting or get some basting spray. I was not enchanted with fusing to the batting with Wonder Under. The whole thing kind of rippled in one area,  I think I pressed it too much. It did quilt out however. * big sigh of relief*  I am learning a few things as I go  along. I wonder what tomorrow will  bring.    I hope it brings my Derwent Inktense pencils that I ordered. Then I can play with them and learn something else.

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