Saturday, October 29, 2011


I am in a quandary; I just can't decide what to do about the borders for my all scrappy DNP (you can see more of it here). The body of the quilt is quilted and I will add the borders after I quilt them. I thought I had decided to use my picket fence borders that I didn't use on another quilt but they didn't look right on this one either. I think there is too much white/light fabric in them for this quilt.
I had considered both the blue and the brown fabrics. I am not wild about either one but I lean toward the blue a little  more.

Brown border
Blue border?
I  thought about just putting a binding on it but I know I would be sorry I had not done something more.
 I am still thinking about prairie  points (the black here has nothing to do with this quilt it is the inner border on the quilt that is on my bed where I am auditioning all of these options).
If I use Prairie Points I have to work out how to add them to a quilt that is already quilted to the edge with out having the edge of the quilt feel like it has  steel  band in it. I think I know how I would do it but I  am not sure how it will  look if I  don't do a  good job of sewing a straight  line.

 Then there is the piano key border which would  have a narrow inner border. I guess I like this best but I was hoping to find a different border that was less work. This border is for my spiral  log cabin and if I want one for this quilt I will have to make another one. Too bad that  I decided to put all those strips away and cleanup the mess if I had kept going  I would have it all done by now.

I have to make up my mind and get this done. When I am wavering about what to do, I do one of two things, I either clean or eat. I have already cleaned and cleaned again and I just bought 2 new pair of pants and I don't want to grow out of them.

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