Friday, December 9, 2011

A Busy Day

Today was a busy day, actually it started last night about 9PM. Two of my great grand kids stayed overnight and stayed through dinner today and a couple more hours after that.
It was almost bedtime when they got here, really it was probably really a little past bedtime. However we let them stay up a while.
I thought they would sleep late today but they were up a long time before me asking Jack when I was going to get up. I woke up about 9 and I never stopped till after they left and I did the  dishes.

Gracie made a pillow using some squares from a charm pack. Ethan watched a movie and played a  game on the computer. I thought we would have time for some other things but we took a break to go out for breakfast and stop at the grocery store for  lettuce, bread  and ice cream; (I forgot the bread.) that took a chunk of time.
When we  finished the pillow we made a cake. When I was cleaning up after the cake was in the oven I found the 3 eggs on the counter. I forgot the eggs! Oh well...... it tasted fine, especially with the ice cream and  Cool-whip though it did kind of fall apart. I guess that is what the  eggs do. There were no complaints!

We used to baby sit once a week or on rare occasions 2 times in a week. We started when Ethan was almost 2 and Gracie was 8 month old; they are 8 and 9 now. They moved away a few years ago and we miss seeing them every week but I am not so sure we could handle every week anymore. We sure were busy today.
It sure was fun!

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Anonymous said...

They are so lucky to have you .
That pillow is really cute and she looks so pleased.