Sunday, December 4, 2011

Getting there

I did not get my eye exam on Friday just like I didn't go shopping earlier in the week. When you live with Mr Spontaneous adjusting plans just comes naturally.  We went to the Y in the early afternoon and then I got my hair chopped  cut. I wanted it neatened up at the bottom and the top left alone because I want to let it grow long enough to get a perm. I have been trying to get  it long enough ever since the last hair cut when every last curl bend in my hair got cut off. No one ever believes me when I say my hair is really really straight and when the curls are cut off they are gone until the next Perm.. It is probably my fault for not making it really clear what I want.  Well ... it will grow and in the meantime I will just have to make sure I wear makeup and feminine earrings and clothes so I don't like like an old man instead of an old woman. We puttered around long enough while we were out that it was getting close to dinner time and Mr Spontaneous took me to Pannera's for supper. I guess he thought I looked presentable.

Yesterday I went to the Women's Christmas Luncheon at our church (this was the reason I decided to get my hair cut). There were 28 tables and every one of them different and they were all beautiful. Different women from our church decorated them with their own china and napkins and centerpieces etc.  I wish I had thought to bring my camera. I am not a possessor of the latest in cell phone technology, no camera in my phone. Some of the tables had little boxes or bags of chocolate as table favors; this little mini quilt is what we got as favors at our table. It is about 4 1/2 x 6 and looks cute hanging on the door knob to my sewing  room. I am so glad we didn't get chocolate because I would have eaten it (all myself on the way home). I am trying really hard to at least not gain any weight. It is probably not realistic to think  I am going to lose any this month.

I took a nap when I got home and after  dinner I put these Christmas quilts  on the bulletin boards on either side of my sewing room window. I am hoping that when it is time  to change them out again I remember where  I put the things I took down.

When we  get the tree up I will finish the decorating. I have one box of stuff that I put away with the ornaments and it  is  easiest just to get it all down at one time. I am not sure when this will happen. If it rains Mr Spontaneous won't be going out on his motorcycle and we will  either go shopping or he will get the tree out. If it sounds like I am complaining about Jack I am really not. He keeps it fun and interesting and we laugh a lot.
 Keeping it real........that is not to say I never complain.

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