Sunday, December 18, 2011

One more tree

We have a little tree that hangs on the wall above Jack's chest of drawers. it is probably about 30 years old and has been decorated in numerous ways over the years. the little  angel  on the top doesn't always make it to the tree because the  tree is usually up after the other tree is taken down and all  the decorations put away. If I put the little angel somewhere other than with the rest of the Christmas things I don't always find it till way after Christmas. This has come to be Jack's tree. His desk is right next to the dresser and he turns it on when he gets up every morning and he can see it when he sits at his computer. We leave it on as a night light until who ever goes to bed last turns it off.

I made a cover for my little neck pillow with my orphan block. When we got new pillows for our bed I took the covers off the old ones  and washed them and the stuffing and cut the covers and the pillows in half  and made throw pillows and I had  some stuffing left over and I made a neck pillow. The stuffing is  really nice and much more  resilient than the throw pillow inserts I have bought. I love to salvage stuff I might have thrown away.
My friend Kathy left me a comment yesterday promising to nag me about the tree skirt. She is a good friend who usually reminds me by email  when our friendship meeting are coming up and promptly answers my questions about the  friendship  blocks. I know she will remind me to  make the tree skirt.

Here is another shot of the tree  outside our bedroom window It has about 2 inches or more of snow on the branches. It snowed pretty steady all  day and without any real wind it made all of the trees look beautiful. This poor oak tree lost its top at least 10 -12 years back in a storm that came through and took out trees all over the place; they didn't cut it down but left it and it spread its branches out very wide at the bottom and started to grow a new top. In the summer it looks good and healthy and it is beginning  to  regain its shape.

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