Monday, January 2, 2012


I have started going through my boxes and I  am finding that most of my stash is not much to my liking anymore. Every morning as I have my coffee I read my mail and go through my list of favorite blogs. Many bloggers have posted collages of the  quilts  they have finished this year and as  I  am seeing them I realize why for the  most part I don't like what I have on my shelves. Look here and here and here and here

Baby quilt
 Those posts will give you an idea  of  why I am unhappy with my stash. I am drawn to the light and bright and what I have on my shelves is mostly not light and bright. I do have a lot of bright scraps and I love working with those; that is what I am going to keep for sure; all of the rest is up for consideration as to whether I will keep it or not and I am thinking right now mostly not.

large throw

I am showing some of the quilts I  made this year that feature the type of fabrics I want to work  with.

place mate and pot holder

 I still like  all of the quilts I have  made over the years but reviewing what I am presently drawn to  confirms my opinion that if you make a quilt with fabric you like you will always like it but if all the wonderful fabrics sit on your shelf long enough pretty soon you will not like them so much anymore. So in view of  that I  am getting  more ruthless in my purging and I am only keeping what I really want to work with now. 

This is not a resolution; it is an immediate goal that I am working toward right now and I am not going to quit  until I am finished and have half of my closet freed up.
In the meantime between decluttering session I will put away the Christmas dishes and Christmas quilts and take down the tree. I am already a day late on the tree. 

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