Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sewing Again

I am finally back to sewing again. About 8 PM yesterday my machine went back in its table home. Everything that is going back in the closet is in the closet and all my furniture has been moved back to where it belongs.  I have a pile of stuff on one of my tables that I am going to sort through and then decide what to do with it. Other than that I am done for now with the big project. I still have to go through all my notebooks and magazine holders on the two lower shelves of my bookcase (it looks like the bookcase will be staying). That sorting will be done one by one and when I have eliminated thrown out all the clutter I will decide how to combine things so I have more space. I suspect I will gain about 50% of the space being taken up right now. That would give me the entire bottom shelf.
During the decluttering I came across a box of binding pieces, I moved them to a see through box and today sewed a bunch of them together and used them on this Disappearing 9 Patch quilt. The first 3 photos show 3 different borders I was auditioning; in the end I decided to just put the binding on. It really is a pleasant scrap quilt and the backing is large blocks of a lot of different floral fabric that I really like but those Prairie Points and piano keys are destined to go on other quilts and I never really liked that brown floral for a border. But this is just going to be a utility quilt I don't need or want to spend more time making another border or buy more fabric for a border. It is what it is!

  It is finished!  My first finish for 2012.

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