Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Not sewing today.

Yesterday I fixed the other corner block on the last round in the other block. For the rest of the blocks I will pay attention to using all different fabrics in the two corners. I don't think I will fix these any further unless they really look bad after I get the other blocks done and lay out the quilt. The color in yesterday's photos is more true as I took it when the light was coming in the window.

I didn't do any sewing at all today. I doodled a bit in the morning and experimented with scanning it and importing the scan as an image in EQ so I use it for a tracing image, so I could color it, so I could print it on fabric and then complete the drawing. Does that confuse you? Hmmm could this be contributing to my vertigo problems? (that is a joke) (the vertigo is no joke)
I had a doctors appointment today with a vertigo specialist and had a hearing test. I have to go back Wednesday for another test that couldn't be done today because I had to take my "dizzy pill". I was told I have Meniers Disease and I guess it is good to know what it is. I have done a lot of reading about it and I can see that my eating habits of late have contributed to to the frequency of the episodes. Starting NOW I plan to follow a low sodium diet and cut out the caffeine. It is a good thing it is time to grocery shop in a day or so.

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kathyf said...

Take good care of yourself so you can be at Friendship Group next week.