Friday, March 30, 2012


I got new glasses this week and  I was  browsing around the mall while we were waiting for the lenses to be  fitted to the frames There is a new kitchen store and I had to have a look. I found this little guy;  he is a 6 inch tall egg masher and he had to come home with me. Jack fixes himself egg salad sandwiches for breakfast and I bought this for him. I had him put away but after Jack used him he washed him off and put him on the kitchen counter. I think he likes him.

 I stopped at Joann's for some quilting thread today and they are moving everything around. I found the thread after a while but I never did find the notion wall where they have sewing machine needles. I still have a few left so I saved that search for another day.
I did some quilting on the T shirt quilt today and got one section quilted, 3 more to go, and then I will  put the sections together. I will be happy to have this one finished. It is kind of boring to  quilt. I usually  enjoy the  quilting and see the interplay of colors and patterns up close; that part is missing in this quilt. I took a break and cleaned my refrigerator and went through my cabinets to make my grocery list. That was more fun. Can you believe I said that?

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