Thursday, April 19, 2012


Our " Sewing in the Basement" is meeting this Saturday and we chose a circle theme last month. I have been thinking about what I want to do and I keep going back to the "Ring Around the Rosie" from Diana Hire's book Quilter's Playtime. A few years back when we first started to meet this was the book we worked our way through. It is a great book with lots of ideas for improvisational designs. By the way the Rosies are shown on the cover of the book.We never got to the "Rosies";  it was one that I wanted to make but never got around to doing it.

I sorted through my batiks this week,  found some that I wanted to work with and went shopping for something to fill in the gaps.
The first photo above shows the fabrics I decided to work with for my first "Rosie". The one on the right also has  the sketch I made way back when we were working through the book. It hung on the bulletin board by my desk until a month or so ago. I am trying to decide whether to piece the circle as in the book or fuse it. I guess I will try fusing the batik and if it holds at all I might do that. It seems like it would be easier but would require more satin stitching over each petal. We'll see! 

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