Monday, April 30, 2012


 Once upon a time, long, long ago, I took a personality profile test and one of the multiple choice statements that kept popping up was "I like to keep my desk neat and orderly." I chose that one every time because the alternate statement was something like "I like to gossip about my friends"  or "I like to find out things people don't want known" or things like those statements. Well, who would admit to that, even if it was true, (which of course it was not).  Besides that, I didn't have a desk at the time and I was quite sure if I did it would be neat and orderly. Now that I have a desk it is only neat and orderly when I have to clean it up in order to find something or because the great grand kids are coming and I have to put everything away or because I am having company that I want to impress.

Yes! It's a glass.

The moral of this story is that if you always have a neat and orderly desk you don't find little surprises and unexpected inspiration. 
It's a glass and a coffee can pencil  holder and a plastic bag and a rolled up piece of freezer paper and some fabric scraps.
This little mess on my desk might show up as a quilt.

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