Monday, April 2, 2012


I finished the quilting on the 4 sections of the T shirt quilt. This is the first (probably the last) T shirt quilt I have made. I am not sure how it is supposed to be quilted but not matter, I never pay a lot of attention to what I am supposed to do. Of course there are always a lot of (I should have........)s. I quilted around the motifs in the T shirts. It is really minimal quilting as I didn't want to quilt all over everything but some of the T shirt squares were too big to leave unquilted. These are 2 of the blocks that show the quilting. Maybe there is too much open space but I think I will leave it. this is not an heirloom quilt and it will never be in a quilt show.

Last night I cut these 2 1/2 inch strips for a rail  fence quilt. It is a sample quilt for Quilt Camp using 3 colors.  the border will  be  Kona Bone like the light strips shown here and the binding will be the striped fabric. I am drawn to citrus colors  right now. Other people are making other versions,one Christmas with red and green, one multicolor and one red and gray (Ohio State) colors.  

We went to the Y today and then went to the arboretum to see what is blooming now. Not too many flowers except for the daffodils. I took some shots of one of my favorite trees.
I love the heart shaped leaves and the foliage is beautiful in the summer and fall.

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