Sunday, May 27, 2012

It was a long week

It has been a long week. Our son was admitted to the hospital 4 hours away from home with Legionnaire's disease. He was very sick when he was admitted and it was a worrisome time waiting for some real improvement. He is much better now and will most likely be on his way home tomorrow.
We did not drive down to see him but his wife and his sister were there all week and kept us updated.
I did a lot of cleaning and cooking and laundry and other busy things this week. I find it hard to concentrate on anything creative when I am troubled or worried. Once John's condition started to improve I began to sew a few things that have been waiting to be done.
 I  had made curtains for my great grandson's room last year and I had just enough left over to make a pillowcase for a small pillow; I finally got around to it yesterday.  This giraffe quilt below is on the wall of that room and there is a jungle animal rug on the floor so this was perfect for the curtains. I had just enough monkey fabric left over after the pillowcase to  make a little drawstring bag big enough to carry a few small cars or transformers.

I got the spiderweb wall  hanging quilted and bound also late in the week. I really like this quilt very much. I love the colors and the pattern; the quilting turned out pretty well also. I first quilted in the ditch around the "stars" and  the wedges. I didn't intend to quilt in the ditch over every single seam  but that is what I did. After I quilted all of the seams in the border I had to go back and quilt the rest of the seams on the body of the quilt. I am glad I did because it is nice and flat and spot on square.                    
I have more foundations prepared and I like this palette and pattern so much I am going to make more blocks and make a larger quilt. I am hooked on the citrus colors right now and I am going to keep on working in these colors until I am tired of it. My favorite color has always been red but I think that yellow is taking over the number 1 spot. I also find I have more yellow shirts than red and choose to wear them rather than red. That in itself was a big surprise to me when I realized it.

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